I was born in Lima, Peru (to Scottish parents) and my family returned to Scotland, UK, when I was 6 years old. I was dramatically converted to faith in Christ around the age of 18, was called by God into ministry a couple of years later, and prepared for ministry at The Bible Training Institute in Glasgow, Scotland, (I have gone on to acquire other degrees in Philosophy, Ministry, and Theology). In 2009, (after 20 years in ministry in the UK), I moved to Alberta, Canada, to become the Lead Pastor of Gateway Alliance Church - now a large, growing, Spirit-filled contemporary church in the city of Edmonton. In May of 2022, I returned to the UK to become the Senior Pastor of Crossgate Church UK, based in the city of Preston. In January 2024 I returned to Edmonton, Alberta to become the Lead Pastor of The Church at South Edmonton (C.A.S.E). 

I have a passion to see grace-based, Spirit-empowered, non-religious, gospel-preaching churches, Christians, and leaders. I truly believe that the supernatural work of the Spirit is supposed to work in tandem with wise counsel, good planning, and leadership development. As Paul said, “we are co-labourers together with God” 1 Corinthians 3:9.

As my ministry has developed, over three decades, I have focused on three main issues that are faced by all humans, Christians, Pastors, and leaders - GROWTH. Growth is a process which takes time … but it isn’t meant to take forever! There are incremental steps to growing spiritually (in your faith), personally (in life), and vocationally (in ministry) - but there are also ways to turbo-boost your growth and avoid rabbit-trails - by knowing the next step to take. I hope you find resources in this site to help you grow in every area of life. Feel free to contact* me to see how I can help you better.

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