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If you are a Pastor, Elder, Apostolic Leader, Church Planter, House Church leader or even a Key Volunteer in your church or with a parachurch ministry, and you are eager to “understand the times, and know what to do” (1 Chronicles 12:22), want to “hear what the Spirit is saying to the churches” (Rev 3:22), and want to grow and develop your God-given gifts to become “a wise master builders” (1 Corinthians 3:10) - then let's connect!

"Hi  fellow  leaders, For  a  number  of  years,  I  have  been  connecting  with  and  giving  advice  and support  to  pastors  around  the  world,  on  a  one-to-one  basis.  Now, that is all available online. I  believe  this  will  be  a  worthwhile  investment  of  your  time,  and  that together,  we  are  stronger.  I  hope  you  can  join  us"
Dr.  Martin  Trench author,  pastor,  teacher,  coach

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Discover  church  growth  principles

Understand theology better

Find a sounding-board for your ideas

Tap  into  the  “rhythms  of  grace”  and  be  personally  revived

Build  an  effective  and  fruitful  Team

Become  a  better  communicator

Improve  your  Sunday  Service

Remove  the  stress  of  ministry.

What  You  Get:

  • A 60  minute  Zoom  call 

  • Email  access  to  Dr  Martin  Trench  to share your needs before the call (saving wasted time on the call) and to follow up after the call

  • A Private  Facebook  group  to  connect  with  the  other  leaders

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$150 for an hour consult, with email access before and after the call 

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