Eyes Wide Open Course

Turbo-boost your scriptural knowledge in 8 weeks!

Discover the 4 “spiritual diseases” that infect the modern day church, what “the End of the Age” means in the Bible, and develop a wider understanding of God’s plan by adding to your faith, rather than by “deconstructing” it.

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Dr. Martin Trench’s best-selling book, Eyes Wide Open, has helped many people who have struggled with the often negative and contradictory aspects of modern evangelical and charismatic Christianity and helped to bring them into a place of spiritual freedom by understanding the Biblical “worldview” and culture.

In this course you will discover:

  • Freedom from Legalism, Literalism, Futurism, and Dualism.
  • The meaning of the term “the end of the Age”. 
  • The true timing of "The Last Days”.
  • Why there are zodiac symbols in the apocalyptic literature.
  • The culture, customs and calendar of the ancient Near East.
  • How to be “spiritual but not religious” while holding onto Jesus, the gospel, and scripture.
  • and much more...

This video coaching course includes the following: 

  • A set of 8 videos of Dr. Martin Trench teaching through the book 
  • A Study Guide with historic information and many photos and images.
  • A private Facebook Group with others taking the course 
  • 8 weekly Facebook Live videos with Martin Trench for discussion and Q&A. 
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Special Bonuses!


Charts, and images that accompany the teaching.


A copy of Martin's book, Eyes Wide Open, in eBook format.

TWO free bonus videos:

The Ancient Biblical Teaching of the ‘Ages’, which explains the calendar in detail; and The Bible is Different Than You Think, which explains progressive revelation and covenant transition.

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One Time Payment of just


  • 9  video  teachings  (each  on  one  specific  topic)
  • An  Ebook  to  help  you  identify  your  issues  and  plan  for  improvements 
  • A 60 minute  weekly  Zoom  mentorship  group,  every  Monday
  • A Private  Facebook  group  with  other  pastors  &  leaders
  • Unlimited  email  access  to  Dr  Martin  Trench,  for  the  duration  of  the  course
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